Zion National Park with Baby

Around this time last year, we had a little micrompreemie newborn at home freshly out of the NICU. The year before that I was actively working on getting into top TTC shape with the help of an RE. Two years later we felt is was the right time to go back to Zion National Park to celebrate Julian's 4th angelversary. I sense this is becoming a sort of family tradition and I'm totally ok with that.

(Fun fact: we almost named baby Eliaz "Zion" after Zion national Park. I decided on Eliaz instead just a couple hours before he was born.)

Fall is truly the best time to visit the park. The crowds are low and the weather is so nice. The night time temps were a bit too much for Eliaz though. We practiced plenty of camping with Eliaz before we left but the cold temperatures were something we didnt practice for. Eventhough I packed baby multiple warm layers, a winter sleep sack, a hat and wool socks, he just couldnt get comfortable and we got NO SLEEP the first night in the tent.

We learned our lesson quickly that night and booked a room at the Springdale lodge first thing in the morning. Our second night was much better and the lodge will probably be our next stay in Zion until Eliaz gets significantly better at camping 😅

Heres a few key pointers when staying at the park with a baby:

  • Pack layers of clothes for baby as the temps go from the low 30's to the mid 70's in November. It can get quite hot while hiking too.
  • Respect baby's nap and bedtimes through out your trip.
  • Wear baby as much as possible. The park overall is not stroller friendly.
  • Bring a baby wearing pack that baby feels comfortable napping in throughout the day.
  • Pack plenty of snacks and milk in your day pack for an enjoyable hiking day.
  • Definitely use the shuttels because parking is hard to find.
  • Do stop at the Zion Lodge for some lunch! Nobody wants a hangry baby, siblings or parents.
  • If you have a walker, let baby roam around and stretch his legs on the huge lawn in front of the lodge.
  • Bring baby familiar items that he loves like a blankie, or stuffed animal for security and a happier baby.
























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